Plaster-clad homes require specific maintenance to avoid leaks.  This is what Homesmart does, and what we have been successfully doing for over ten years. 

We maintain hundreds of plaster–clad properties all over Auckland, helping to avoid leaks and the stigma associated with plaster-clad homes. 

Our proven system for crack repairs, re-sealing, corrective work and elastomeric painting is backed up with a 10-year warranty.

Call us to take care of your maintenance requirements and join our annual maintenance program to help protect your investment.

Latest News

  • Traps and tricks - painting your plaster clad home

    Regular painting is essential for monolithic-clad homes; however there’s a lot of bad advice circulating about how to correctly prepare surfaces, what paint to use and how to apply it.

    Incorrect information can come from surprising places – painters, building inspectors, paint suppliers and other plaster home owners. And acting on bad advice can lead to weathertightness problems and extra expense – two things you really want to avoid.


  • Can Maintenance Really Prevent Leaky Building Syndrome?

    I’m often asked this question and for most houses I see the answer is yes.